Why Doesn't My Baby Sleep Through the Night?

If you have a child who is not sleeping through the night, it is likely that neither are you. As your journey into sleep deprivation deepens, you will hopefully understand that the your body and brain require sleep to function normally. You body is designed to sleep through the night, as well as your child’s body. This is how your body grows, heals and continues to function how it should. If your child is not sleeping through the night, it is because there is a disruption to some internal mechanism.

You child is designed to function from the brain sending messages down the spinal cord out to all the cells, organs and tissues of the body. The body also has a feedback system in order to make corrections when needed. Normally, your brain should receive feedback from the body via signals sent up the spinal cord to the brain. When you have spinal misalignment, you have interference in this system. When you have interference in this system, your body cannot function at 100%, the way it is designed to.

Spinal misalignment can occur at a very young age due to the stresses involved in the birth process. Every new born baby should be assessed by a trained Chiropractor specializing in pediatric spinal management. When you restore alignment to the system designed to keep balance in your body, you will see healing and growing of your baby the way life is supposed to! Your body wants to be healthy and it is extremely hard for babies to communicate what is wrong beside crying and not functioning. When they are crying and not functioning correctly, it is a sign that something is wrong! Spinal health is something that most Americans completely overlook.

There is no difference between what is required to maintain a healthy spine and what is required to maintain health in other areas of your life. Take for example your teeth. You would hopefully not and should not wait until you have tooth pain or bleeding gums before you decide to brush and see a Dentist. You should brush to avoid these issues ever becoming issues! It is the same with spinal health. You should not wait until you have spinal aches and pains, lost range of motion and organ dys-function before you decide to go see a Chiropractor for a spinal adjustment. You should have your spine adjusted from birth to avoid these issues ever becoming issues! Now we should discuss the importance of your teeth and your spinal column and cord. However, we will leave you to think about this point using your own innate intelligence, logic and reason to realize the importance of both teeth and spinal cord. The topic will require an additional article to cover the important points.

When you restore alignment to the spinal column and spinal cord, your child has the ability for their innate intelligence to express itself in the form of proper function, growth and human experience. Our bodies want to be healthy and function as they should. This includes your baby! Have their spines analyzed by Dr Hannah at Complete Health Chiropractic Littleton and see how them begin to function and express life at 100% of their potential. Schedule an appointment today to begin the journey through life expressing 100% life through the nervous system. And don’t wait till tomorrow to brush your teeth as well!

Dr Pablo

“Chiropractic teaches that the life principle, or innate intelligence, intelligently selects and assembles chemical elements found in human anatomy; it builds organs of the body for certain purposes, and then controls and governs their function and activities by means of these mental impulses created in the brain and sent over nerves to every tissue cell in the body.

It is obvious that impairment of the brain or nerve tissue will interfere with the normal creation, transmission and expression of mental impulses, with the result that cells which these nerves supply will not receive or express the proper command; will not coordinate or work in harmony with the rest of the organism, and then we have a condition of dis-ease, or lack of ease.”

BJ Palmer (Chiropractic Philosophy, Science and Art - Volume 32 - 1955)

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