Can Chiropractic Care Help my Neck after a Car Accident?

Being involved in a car accident is always a surprise and tends to ruin and disrupt your day. The amount of stress you body has to deal with, physically, emotionally, mentally and hormonally, can be overwhelming and prolonged. Your spine acts as the base and support for your entire body as well as houses and protects the vital nervous system. Your spine undergoes stresses involved in a car accident that can throw your spine out of proper, ‘normal’ alignment. This can cause things such as pain, dizziness, arm pain and begin the process of degenerative arthritis in the spine.

When you are involved in a car accident, you should absolutely have your spine examined by a trained CBP Chiropractic Doctor following a car accident. Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) trained chiropractors are the only doctors certified in spinal curve correction that have the research to back up the treatment. If the spine remains untreated and the misalignment remains, early degeneration may begin in the spine. This will cause further pain and dysfunction as well as decrease your range of motion. Unfortunately, many people are plagued with some of these symptoms as they get older because their spines have misaligned at some point in their life. If you have any sort of traumatic injury, including falls, please have you spine assessed as it is easier and quicker to treat right away.

If you visit the links below, you will find the symptoms presents following a car collision as well as how your cervical (neck) curve will help protect you during a collision. If you have lost that curve already and then proceed to experience a car accident, you may be more likely to receive more severe injury and impairment according to what the research says. Having you spinal alignment analyzed at Complete Health Chiropractic in Littleton will allow you to see exactly where you spinal alignment is. Prevention is the best way to remain healthy. You shouldn’t start eating healthy and working out after you have become overweight, you should eat healthy and workout in order to maintain good health and never become overweight. You shouldn’t wait to have your spine analyzed until after you have a collision (at this point it is a must!), you should have you spine analyzed before you ever are involved in a collision. This will ensure that your spine is in the best possible alignment to offer you protection during an accident instead of causing further injury. Please schedule with Complete Health Chiropractic Littleton definitely after a car accident, but before you have an injury to ensure your spinal shape is protecting you instead of hurting you.

Dr Pablo


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