Pain Free Lifestyle for Your Back and Neck

If I told you you that there was a way to go throughout life without suffering from back and neck pain, would you believe me? I am here to tell you that there is hope. In order to help us understand how your back and neck should be managed, let us first go through a similar routine maintenance that most people before on a daily basis. That is brushing your teeth!

The status quo for ‘most’ people is to take care of their teeth with daily brushing and yearly visits to the dentist. This is to ensure good oral health and I highly recommend it! (If you need a good dentist, please visit the link below to be directed towards one that I personally use and recommend.) What we should not do is what until we have a toothache that is so bad we cannot eat on that side of our mouth. Or eat cold foods, or hard foods, etc. At this point we HAVE to go to the dentist to fix the problem because it is interfering with our life. The problem has arisen from lack of tooth maintenance and cleaning. Once the tooth is corrected, we should continue to brush daily to maintain the best possible health for our teeth.

It is the same with spinal health! Daily and weekly things must become part of your lifestyle, just like brushing your teeth, in order to maintain the best possible spinal health throughout your entire life. Unfortunately what we see with Chiropractic is that most people follow the latter of the aforementioned scenarios when it comes to their spinal health. There has been nothing done for their entire life to maintenance and care for the spine and now there is a problem. We can help you take care of your back problem, and afterwards you should still have your spine adjusted to maintain good spinal health. Now, the best scenario is to actively take care of your spine from the week you are born and for the rest of your life to avoid having spinal problems.

If you are dealing with back or neck pain, please schedule an appointment with Complete Health Chiropractic in Littleton today. We can help you get back on the road to health and help you make regular spinal maintenance part of your life. The most important thing to take away from this article is to remember that your spine is the house that your spinal cord lives in. The better and healthier structure your spinal cord has to live in, the better it can communicate with the brain what is going on inside your body and outside your body. A better functioning nervous system is going to result in a better functioning human! Let us help you achieve the best possible outcomes for your spinal health.

Dr Pablo Ness

(Which structure pictured above would you rather have your vehicles, equipment, etc. in?) - One structure was well maintained while the other was not. We see this with the spine as well. When the structure of the spine is not well maintained, it begins to breakdown.


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