Car Accidents and Spinal Misalignment's: Forward Head Posture, Whiplash and Curve Correction

Complete Health Chiropractic Littleton has helped many people who have suffered with an injury due to a car accident. Often times people will have neck and back pain following an accident. The mechanism of injury, called whiplash, has been well researched and proven to occur when the spine is subjected to the forces involved in a car collision. Whiplash causes an overloading of the spinal column and Euler buckling occurs, causing to the spine to misalign. This ‘buckling’ of the spinal column causes injury to the spine and soft tissues around the spine. The soft tissues surrounding the spine that become injured are the ligaments surrounding the spine and the spinal discs to name a couple. The muscles can also be affected when the spine buckles out of position.

Once this injury has occurred, your body will start to adapt to the new position of the spine if it is left untreated and uncorrected. How does the body adapt to this new position? The muscles become tight as they support the area, eventually developing adhesion's and scar tissue. Since the spine has forces and stresses going through the incorrect structures, the spine begins to wear down and degenerate. When the discs becomes loaded with weight, it is not a weight bearing structure, they begin to thin out and the bone begins to develop spurs. When these spurs grow into the area of the nerve people often start dealing with non stop symptoms that travel along the path of the nerve.

All of this can be avoided if you correct the injury early on before the spine begins to wear down and permanent changes begin to occur. It is important to understand that the cervical spine should have a lordosis. In other words, a “C” curve which measures out to be part of a circle. The Thoracic spine (middle back) and lumbar spine (low back) are both supposed to have curves in them. They are curves that line up with the piece of an ellipse. Euler buckling can occur in the cervical neck or the lumbar spine. Extension traction is needed to restore the proper lordosis to the cervical and lumbar spine when it has been decreased or reversed. An important study published in Spine in 2003 performs traction as a treatment for patients who have suffered from Whiplash Associated Disorder. They found the following: “The main finding in this study was that active intervention in patients with WAD resulted in a significantly greater reduction in pain intensity, a greater chance to retain or regain CROM, and reduced sick leave compared with a standard intervention. These findings could have implications for the management of patients with WAD.” Please do yourself a favor and take care of your spine if you have suffered from a car collision. The appropriate care is available for you at Complete Health Chiropractic Littleton. If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to schedule an initial exam and consultation today.

Dr Ness



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