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Dr Hannah Culbertson is a chiropractor in Littleton that has the training to take care of pregnant moms, newborns and kids. Her entire clinical experience at Chiropractic school consisted of seeing this population of people that benefit from chiropractic care. She has taken her expertise and opened Complete Health Chiropractic Littleton to have the opportunity to help change the lives of kids and families in this community. Kids and babies benefit incredibly from chiropractic care because of the intimate relationship your spine and nervous system have. Your spine is the structure that houses and protects your vital spinal cord. The spinal cord is extremely important in relaying messages up and down from the brain to the body and back.

Let’s look at an extreme example. If the spinal cord becomes severed, we lose all connection from the brain to the rest of the body below the point where it is severed. When this happens, is when people become paralyzed. When we have small misalignment's we do not have anything as severe as being paralyzed. However, when these small alignments exist over time, our feedback system that the brain and body have through the spinal cord, begins to break down. When this system breaks down over time, we develop the kind of diseases we see in the adult population. Depending on where these misalignment's are more prevalent and to what degree we are misaligned, different diseases have commonly become manifest.

The nerves that exist your spine in the middle of your back go to areas such as the stomach, lungs and heart. Do you want to make sure those organs are function in concert with the brain at 100%? How about the nerves that leave your spine in the low back? They travel to areas such as your digestive tract, your reproductive organs and the kidneys. Can you think of some diseases that may be present if you have misalignment, and therefore nerve interference, leaving the spine there? They would include things like constipation/diarrhea, infertility or bedwetting.

When you understand how the body functions and why it begins to dysfunction, then you will understand how important it is to visit the chiropractor to restore spinal alignment. Kids have the benefit of having a nervous system that has not yet adapted to living with interference. They have the opportunity to grow and live their lives the way their bodies were designed to. Our bodies are designed to be healthy and have to ability to heal themselves. Our bodies do not need medication to help the weakened body. Our bodies need no interference in the nervous system to become strong and healthy once again.

If you have a child that is dealing with symptoms of nervous system interference, please bring them to see Dr Hannah at Complete Health Chiropractic Littleton. The process of being born puts a ton of stress on the babies small spinal column. The best thing you can do for your child is ensure they begin life with 100% nervous system expression. Dr Hannah is a Chiropractor in Littleton serving the community since 2016. Through the end of October 2018, we are doing a new patient special for the price of $20 (simply mention this deal). Don’t hesitate to schedule today for an initial exam to begin living your life how it was designed to be lived.

Dr Ness

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