Best Treatment for Neck Pain following a Car Collision

As we live our lives, there are moments that may change the course of our current life situation. These moments in life don’t happen every day, but every day there is the chance that something could happen that changes your life. One moment that many of experience at some point in our lives is an injury. Injuries often change our lives. This is because they can cause pain, fear associated with an activity and many other things. Every day you drive your car, you put yourself at some risk for a car accident. When a car accident does occur, it often causes injury that will change the course of your left. Unfortunately, many of these injuries are left untreated or treated inappropriately. If you would like the best treatment for neck pain after a car collision, seek out care at Complete Health Chiropractic in Littleton CO.

According to the research, “...females had a much higher rate of neck injury than males. A passenger seat was associated with a higher injury rate than the driver's seat.” Researchers have

known for a while that neck injury is likely with a rear end collision. They are just currently being able to look at enough research to see how different variables are being affected. Things such as sex, body type, head position, body position and many more variables. We can see from the study referenced above, they found females had neck injury more often than males as well as a higher rate injury rate associated with being in the passenger seat. An important thing to consider with all of these variables affecting the injury is; how to we treat the injury?

At Complete Health Chiropractic Littleton, we utilize the most effective and research based chiropractic treatment technique on the planet. Chiropractic BioPhysics is the technique we use to analyze, treat and restore the cervical spine (neck) back to a normal alignment. Injuries such as a car accident can cause the spine to become misaligned, and if you would like the best possible treatment available to treat your neck pain please schedule with Complete Health Chiropractic Littleton today. We have openings within the week to have you assessed for spinal injury and alignment. We hope to see you soon and get you on the path towards good health and a pain free life!

Dr. Ness

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