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Life is filled with unexpected events that occur every day. And sometimes these events can be life changing! Both for the good and unfortunately for the bad as well. One of these unexpected life events that occurs to people daily are car collisions. Everybody in the Denver area has traffic to deal with as this community grows. When an accident happens, this can be a bad life changing event. In fact, in the Denver area alone, 40 crashes occur each and every day!

One of the biggest questions people have after experiencing a car accident is; what do I do now? Obviously the first thing to do is make sure that there are no life threatening injuries and call the authorities to write up a report of the incident. The main concern to be addressed immediately is getting your car fixed. This is your mode of transportation and required to get you to and from work, kids to and from school and many more daily tasks that need addressing.

The other major subject that needs to be addressed is your spinal health. This is often left unconsidered, especially if your symptoms start to feel better after a week or two. However, all car accidents will cause some form of spinal injury whether minor or major. When these injuries are left untreated over time, they tend to progress and get worse slowly. The degenerative process takes years to start setting in and once it begins, we can’t undo the degeneration that is present. Degeneration occurs because the spine is knocked out of proper alignment and begins to carry weight and stresses through structures that are not designed to carry the weight of stress of gravity on the spine. Spinal degeneration is not a normal aging process as some may believe. I have seen 70 year olds in my clinic that have maintained a neck curve and therefore have very little degeneration at all. I have also seen severely misaligned spines, at age ranges from 24-30 years old, that are accompanied by severe degeneration in the cervical spine (neck). This goes to show us that the structure and shape of the spine are absolutely vital in maintaining good spinal health.

Complete Health Chiropractic Littleton is excited to be able to help people around the Littleton community experience relief from neck pain due to car accidents. We are trained in the specific technique designed to detect and correct your whiplash injury. MANY other chiropractors, unfortunately, claim to correct the neck curve when there is no evidence to show this. There is NO way you will restore a cervical lordosis to the neck by adjustments only, short stretches of the neck, ‘clicking’ adjustments that have torque and science (NASA technology), or by simply strengthening the “right” muscles. The only safe way to reform the ligamentous tissue of the body, in my opinion, is by gently stretching it over time to create ligament creep. The other option is overloading the ligament to the point of contraction and tearing of not only the ligaments but also the muscles surrounding that area.

Definition of Ligament Creep: “Ligament creep is defined as the time dependent elongation of a ligament when subjected to a constant stress. Ligament creep is not linear in nature. Most of the ligament elongation occurs during the first 15-20 minutes of a traction load. This is why at least 10-20 minutes of structural corrective traction is usual recommended.”

The ligament of the spine that requires stretching when whiplash occurs is the Anterior Longitudinal Ligament. It is through repeated stretching of this anterior longitudinal ligament over time that will restore the cervical lordosis (neck curve).

When you deviate from a normal alignment is when the muscles, joints and discs become compromised. What can cause this deviation from a normal alignment? A car accident. It happens daily to people around the Littleton community and greater Denver metro area. People are having an event, car accident, that will begin them down the road of neck pain, back pain and an overall decreased quality of life. One of the most important things to consider after a car accident is your health. Immediate intervention is the best intervention. The sooner we can restore proper alignment to the spine, the sooner we can hold off the degenerative process.

The common injury that occurs during a rear end collision is a whiplash injury to the neck. I believe that people have heard of and understand that whiplash is not good. The reason it is not good is because whiplash throws off the alignment of the spine in the neck. Complete Health Chiropractic Littleton is the only Littleton Chiropractor trained specifically in a technique to treat and restore spinal alignment after whiplash injury has occurred. We do this by identifying exactly where you spine has misaligned on xray, then coming up with an individual care plan for you. This care plan will include heat, spinal manipulations, mirror image exercises and mirror image traction. Traction is a gentle, prolonged stretching of the muscles and ligaments involved with supporting the spine.

If you are looking for a chiropractor in Littleton, please consider getting an opinion from Complete Health Chiropractic Littleton. We are a team of trained spinal professionals that are dedicated to restoring your spine back to health. Whiplash can cause a variety of symptoms including neck pain, headache or migraines, pain while turning or bending the head, upper back pain and shoulder blade pain. When the injury may be pretty severe is when the pain travels from the neck down to the shoulder and arm. If you or someone you know has suffered from any of these conditions, there is hope out there for you! The first step is having your spine analyzed for possible injury and beginning to discover the path back to health and vitality. Visit our special page to begin the process for an initial exam.

Dr. Ness


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