Non-surgical Improvements in Cervical Lordosis

The blog article I will summarize this week at Complete Health Chiropractic Littleton is another case study showing improvement in the neck curve, or cervical lordosis. Correlating to the improved neck curve is also an improvement in the patients symptoms. The only Littleton Chiropractor utilizing this same technique to restore spinal alignment is at Complete Health Chiropractic Littleton. Having the proper curve in the neck will allow for proper weight bearing and load distribution in the structures of the cervical spine.

If we look at the image below of a single bone in the neck, we can see how intricate the design of these bones are. Remember, there are 7 bones stacked on top of each other that make up the cervical spine, or neck. When we look at the structure of the these bones, we can see how they dictate the function. The vertebral body and spinal discs work as a motion unit. The spinal discs are a jelly substance with a hard center called the nucleus pulprosus. This center acts as a point for the vertebral bodies to pivot around, are therefore allow you to move in all the directions you do! This portion of the spine is designed to carry, or transmit about 1/3rd of the load going through the spine. The facet joints, also known as zygapophyseal joints, are located on the posterior aspect, or behind the vertebral bodies and discs. The facet joints on the vertebra above and below, line up to form the articular pillars. These articular pillars are designed to carry the other 2/3rds of the load going through the spine (1/3rd through each pillar).

When there is misalignment in the spine, the load traveling through the spine shifts. If too much load is placed in the vertebral bodies and discs, the discs will begin to become thin. The vertebral bodies will start creating bony growths in response to the increased load to try and adapt. The cost of this misalignment can be degeneration, decreased range of motion, neck pain, arm pain, headaches, blurry vision and so on. There are so many symptoms that can arise from just the neck area.

At Complete Health Chiropractic Littleton, our goal for care is to drastically improve your symptoms and outcome assessments by improving the neck curve. The patient in the case we are looking at today is a 38 year old male that was treated for 30 sessions over an 18 week period. He had received previous chiropractic care and physical therapy that provided some temporary relief but no permanent relief. Another important detail about this case is that the patient had severe degenerative changes in the vertebral body and discs in the mid cervical spine. These degenerative changes are the changes in the shape of the bone and thinning of the spinal discs as you can see in the image below.

The improvements the patient saw after going through care were great. The following improvements were reported in the case study:

“ The patient did report neck pain improved, being less severe and less often, but would rise to a 3/10 at worst. Overall the patient reported a complete resolution of blurry peripheral vision, a 90% improvement in diarrhea, an 80% improvement in hip and knee pain, a 70% improvement in energy levels, a 60% improvement in neck and upper back pain, and a 50% improvement in low back pain.”

This case study is also important because it shows that you can still create a lordosis in the cervical spine when there is degeneration and segments that are kyphotically misaligned. Obviously it is ideal to restore the cervical lordosis before degeneration can set in. Even if you have been diagnosed with degeneration, this case study shows us that it is possible to gain some correction.

As you can see, this patients life was drastically improved after going through spinal curve correction care. Complete Health Chiropractic Littleton is the only Littleton Chiropractor that I know of to offer Chiropractic BioPhysics spinal curve correction. When you restore the neck curve to the proper alignment, you allow for proper weight distribution to go through the spine. If you are looking for a Littleton Chiropractor, look no further than Complete Health Chiropractic Littleton. If you have any question at all, don’t hesitate to call and ask. We accept most major medical insurances and also have cash pricing options to make sure you and your family can afford to get under spinal care! You can visit our schedule page to set up and initial exam and consultation.

Dr. Ness


Pal, G. P., & Sherk, H. H. (1988). The Vertical Stability of the Cervical Spine. Spine, 13(5), 447-449. doi:10.1097/00007632-198805000-00001

Fortner, M. O., Oakley, P. A., & Harrison, D. E. (2018). Non-surgical improvement of cervical lordosis is possible in advanced spinal osteoarthritis: A CBP® case report. Journal of Physical Therapy Science, 30(1), 108-112. doi:10.1589/jpts.30.108

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