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The type of spinal care we offer at Complete Health Chiropractic Littleton is directed towards helping people get out of pain. And we are very good at doing exactly that! But the spinal column and spinal cord have much more important of a job that needs to be considered. When the body is in pain, that is definitely uncomfortable. Yet this is how your body tells you that something is wrong! The quality, location and onset of the pain can often help clue us in to exactly what is wrong and therefore how to fix it. However, if there is pain associated with the spine, or “back” as most people would call it, then there can often be effects on how the spinal cord and nervous system are functioning. Structure dictates how something functions and that is something we understand at Complete Health Chiropractic Littleton. The spine has a structure, or think of it as a shape, that it should be in. This structure can be thrown off or wear down over time due to life events. This structure is something that needs to be maintenanced, cared for, and inspected to ensure that it will have a long life. If there is damage, due to an accident, fall or other means, then the structure needs to be repaired. This “repair” in our office is known as the spinal rehab that we offer. We feel this spinal rehab offers the best option for ensuring proper nervous system function by aligning the structure of the spine to allow for proper function. We will look next at how the nervous system works and how it can be affected by the structure of the spine deviating from normal.

In order to understand how the nervous system can be affected by the structure of the spine, we will briefly go over how the nervous system works. In order for anything in your body to happen, a signal must originate in the brain and travel throughout the nervous to wherever the message needs to go. There are also receptors throughout your body that are sending constant feedback to the brain as to what’s going on inside and outside the body. The spinal cord is the main highway system for information traveling to and from the brain. In fact, it is the only highway system between the brain and the rest of the body. When the structure of the spinal cord deviates from normal, it affects the ability it has to carry those nervous system signals effectively. The reason these changes in shape can affect vital information from the brain is because it inhibits the ability to generate a full action potential.

An action potential is the electrical signal generated by a nervous system cell called a neuron. A neuron generates an action potential by swelling full of positively charged ions until it reaches a certain positive charge. Once this charge is reached, the signal is sent down the neuron to the next on in line until it reaches its destination.

When to take the spinal cord and start to stretch it out of position, it exerts tensile forces on the spinal



cord. These tensile forces are what inhibit the ability of the neurons composing the spinal cord, to swell full of enough positive ions to send a full signal. The nervous system continues to function however, but in order to send these signals, the certain positive charge needed to send an action potential must be lowered.

At Complete Health Chiropractic Littleton we want every single person to have to ability to live their life at 100% of their potential. In order to live at 100% of your potential, you must make sure you have proper nervous system function. Improved nervous system function is achievable through correct spinal structure. Every human experience is a result of your nervous system working for you. How do you think that experience would be if that nervous system isn’t function correctly? Since the nervous system is the master system that controls every other system in the body, dysfunction here can manifest in many different ways. Acid reflux, constipation, asthma, sensory disorders, pregnancy issues… and many more disorders may be arising from your spine. Hippocrates said it best hundreds of years ago when he said, “Look well to the spine for the cause of disease.”

If you or someone you know isn’t having a very good experience, come see us at Complete Health Chiropractic Littleton to see if you spine needs some attention.

Dr. Pablo Ness


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