Reduction of Thoracic Hyperkyphosis utilizing Chiropractic BioPhysics Technique

Chiropractic BioPhysics Technique has done it again. Another research publication in the peer reviewed literature. This article was published in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science and highlights the treatment of a thoracic hyperkyphosis with postural misalignment of posterior thoracic translation and anterior head translation. We have seen cases in our clinic at various degrees’ pain and spinal degeneration with hyperkyphosis. Some patients will come in to Complete Health Chiropractic with low back pain, others with back pain that includes rib pain and others that have muscles spasms so severe they can barely be touched. It is a serious condition that can cause serious problems and make it difficult to live a pain free and quality life.

The patient being treated in this case study publication was a 15-year-old girl dealing with back pain, neck pain and headaches. She received care over a 13-month time frame being treated 94 times with chiropractic adjustments, mirror image adjustments, mirror image exercises and mirror image spinal traction. The mirror image spinal traction consisted of supine and standing positions. She started by laying supine with her thoracic spine blocked forward to put her in the opposite of posterior translation. An example of the traction setup can be seen below.

It has been shown in the research that thoracic hyperkyphosis can be due to the normal coupling patterns of posterior thoracic translation. This posture can also be thought of as “sway back.” It looks like the hips are forward and the mid back, or thoracic spine, is swaying backwards. This is how the body compensates when spinal and postural alignment have deviated from the normal position they should be in. If this is a posture you see in your child or you are aware that you have, please consider having rehab done to correct that.

Thoracic hyperkyphosis can cause various issues beyond postural distortion and pain. It can lead to increased risk of compression fraction and decreased quality of life. Catching it at a young age may allow for better results and can hopefully prevent future problems from arising. One of the more effective forms of treatment and the technique I use in my clinic is called Chiropractic BioPhysics. It is the technique that coined the term “mirror image” when referring to spinal treatment including exercises, traction and adjusting.

Complete Health Chiropractic, we believe that every person in Littleton and the surrounding communities deserve to live a pain free and quality life. We believe that every person everywhere deserves this, however, our reach extends to the Denver Metro. Although we do have several patients driving close to an hour to receive our care because it is so exclusive and offers such superior outcomes to other interventions. If you have any questions regarding the health of your spine, feel free to schedule and initial exam to get some answers to your questions.

Dr. Pablo Ness


Miller, J. E., Oakley, P. A., & Harrison, D. E. (2017). Reversing thoracic hyperkyphosis: a case report featuring mirror image® thoracic extension rehabilitation. Journal of Physical Therapy Science , 29(7), 1264-1267. doi:10.1589/jpts.29.1264

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