Sciatica is a condition that affects many people and can interrupt your daily life if left untreated. The pain you feel is due to the sciatic nerve being compressed as it leaves the spine in your low back. This compression is due most commonly to a bulging or herniated disc. The disc is the material between each of your vertebra. It can be injured and become herniated from a fall, lifting heavy objects, or other types of trauma. After being compressed the nerve travels through the gluteal and down your leg, causing pain numbness or tingling as it goes.


  By restoring proper alignment of your spine, we can release the pressure on that nerve and allow your body to function normally.  Chiropractic is widely recognized as the best way to relieve sciatic pain. Having aches and pains is not normal. It's your bodies warning sign that something is wrong! Get your nervous system checked regularly to stay healthy and pain-free.



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