Having good posture is essential to living a healthy and pain free life. The major postural distortion that affects many people is forward head posture. When your head starts moving out in front of your shoulder instead of above them, it feels as heavier because it is no longer in your center of gravity. It causes increased muscle and joint strain because other areas of your spine have to start compensating for the increased work load to hold up your head. More importantly, this can cause a 5-7cm stretching of the brain stem and spinal cord.


When your nerves becomes stretched, they do not function at their best and fail to communicate vital information to the brain and organs.  In order for your nerve to fire properly, it must be able to use charged ions to increase its potential energy and fire a nerve impulse.  When the nerve is stretched, it ability to use the ions as well as the potential to fire a nerve impulse decreases. Decreased nerve flow is a result of forward head posture and can lead to disease over time.


The doctors at Complete Health Chiropractic have extensive training in correcting forward head posture and other postural abnormalities. By getting your head aligned appropriately on top of your neck and restoring the vital curve that needs to be in your neck, your body can take off the added strain and work load of the muscles. More importantly, you will know that your brain is able to communicate vital nerve flow to your organs and other areas of your body without interference.






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