There are varying degrees of irritable bowel syndrome, but 10-15% of Americans are affected at some level.  This condition is defined as abdominal pain and discomfort with altered bowel habits without any mechanical, inflammatory or biochemical explanation for the symptoms. Common treatments include dietary changes, supplementation and drug therapy when it is severe. The cause of IBS is not clearly understood but is likely due to decreased gastric motility, increased gut sensitivity and increased intestinal contractions.


Your gut and digestive processes are monitored by nerves exiting the mid and lower back. When patients with digestive issues are checked for misalignment in their spine, it is often found in these areas. The best thing anyone suffering from IBS can do is receive chiropractic adjustments in these areas of the spine to restore the vital nerve flow from the brain. When the body has interference in its communication pathways, it will not function at 100% potential as it should. Our goal with your health is to remove interference from these pathways and give your body the chance to function normally again.






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