Shoulder pain with a decreased ability to move your shoulder can be called frozen shoulder.  It is clinically called adhesive capsulitis because the shoulder bone becomes stuck to the joint capsule that it sits in.  Losing the ability to use your shoulder can be severely disabling and affect almost every aspect of your life. 


Did you know chiropractic can help? The nerves exiting the spine in your neck go directly to the shoulder muscles and joint capsule.  By restoring normal alignment to the bones in your neck, the body is able to bring itself back to normal functioning. At Complete Health Chiropractic, we specialize in correcting these misalignments and allowing the body to heal and function properly again.


A note from one of our practice members:


"I woke up one morning a few months ago and I could barely move my shoulder.  I have always gone to the chiropractor regularly so when I came to my appointment and had this new complaint they started adjusting my shoulder as well as my spine. After a month of care I have regained full motion in my shoulder and am experiencing no pain at all."

-Sue, 54




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