If you suffer from any combination of chronic fatigue, muscle pain and tenderness or sleep disturbances; you could be suffering from fibromyalgia. This condition is present because there is central amplification of peripheral sensory signals. This means your brain and spinal cord are perceiving the information from sensory organs as all the way turned up. This can make what would normally feel like pressure feel like pain. Having this miscommunication in the body causes many people to suffer from this condition. 

The brain, spinal cord and sensory organs are all part of the nervous system. As a chiropractor, our job is to find and correct misalignments in order to restore proper nervous system function.  If your symptoms are due to a nervous system on over drive, chiropractic can help to calm things down. When you spine is misaligned, it evokes the sympathetic or stress response in the body. By restoring the proper alignment to the spine, the nervous system is able to turn off the chronic stress response it has been in. It is not normal to suffer from chronic pain. Chiropractic can help you discover a new, symptom free way of life! Schedule a free consultation today to talk to one of our doctors!





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