Ear infections are a common childhood ailment that many people have experienced in their lives. They are due to a bacterial or viral infection behind the ear drum. They cause pain because of the increased pressure in the middle ear. When ear infections become chronic, antibiotic therapy or tubes are used to manage the condition. Having chronic ear infections is not normal. It is often a side effect of an over or under active immune system.


If the immune system is weakened, the person will not be able to fight off infections as well as they should. One cause of immune system weakness or hyperactivity is an improperly functioning nervous system.  The nervous system is directly involved in coordinating the immune response. Since the nervous system is surrounded and protected by the spine and skull, misalignments in these can cause disruption in proper nervous system functioning. Having a spine free from misalignments, and therefore interference, will allow your child's body to have an appropriate and effective immune response.

In fact, a study published in 2016 showed that a chiropractic adjustment was just as effective at relieving an ear infection as an antibiotic. And what even better is that an adjustment has NO side effects, unlike an antibiotic! Get your kids under chiropractic care to prevent ear infections!





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