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Corrective Chiropractic is a technique used when a person has postural misalignments. Posture misalignments can cause chronic issues that have not been resolved by other treatments or by regular chiropractic care. These postural issues can occur due to chronic poor posture, accidents, weight distribution, birth anomalies, age and more. Many people are unaware they have postural issues, but they feel the effects such as frequent heachaches/migraines, heartburn, infertility and chronic pain

Common postural misalignments include:

Luckily, we can correct these issues using gentle traction in our office. When we correct the biomechanics of the spine, we strengthen the spine and allow the body to work as it should. 

Corrective Chiropractic is truly an incredible practice. It often works when no other form of care has succeeded. In our office we have successfully treated patients with back pain, neck pain, whiplash, migraines, autism, sleep disorders, and more. 

Call us today to find out more about how it can help you! 

To learn more about corrective chiropractic (formally known as chiropractic biophysics) click here

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