The median nerve runs down the middle of the forearm and enter the wrists. It then sends nerves to the hand and fingers that feel sensation and control movement. Sometimes this nerve gets pinch when it enters the wrist and causes numbness, tingling and pain in the hand, especially near the thumb. These are the symptoms of carpal tunnel. If the condition continues for a long time, it may even cause muscle wasting or a decrease in muscle mass in the hand. It is common in middle aged and older adults and is often the result of repetitive hand motions or poor posture


However, we know just because something is common does NOT mean it is normal. We also know that your nervous system controls everything including your wrist and hand pain! This means that specific chiropractic care may be able to relieve the symptoms of carpal tunnel. If you or someone you knows suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome let them know that chiropractic care can help! Call our office today for more information.








Resolution of bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome following subluxation based chiropractic care: A case study

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