Bed wetting is a condition that affects millions of American kids every year.  It is known that 5-10% of 7 year olds in the United States suffer from bed wetting.  The reason these kids don't wake up during the night when they have a full bladder is for the large part unknown by the medical community.  Common therapies that are currently utilized include bed alarm therapy and drug therapy. Up to 3% of these kids will suffer from bed wetting into their adult lives.


At Complete Health Chiropractic we focus on finding the source of disruption in nerve flow from the brain to the bladder and back.  In order for the brain to monitor and respond appropriately to the messages its receiving from the bladder, it has to send messages down the spinal cord, out the nerves exiting the spine and finally to the bladder. Misalignments in the lower part of the spine can cause a disruption in the messages the bladder is trying to send to the brain.  By removing this interference, the nervous system is able to communicate effectively and efficiently.  Restoring nerve flow to the bladder is a safe way to give your child's body the opportunity to function normally.






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