Autism and sensory processing issues can present in a myriad of different ways. These children may struggle in school, have difficulties in social situations, and have associated health problems including bed wetting, anxiety, sleep issues, and more. We want to help...but you may be wondering how.

We often see imbalances between 2 parts of the nervous system in children with disabilities. There is a part that controls "rest and digest" and another that controls "fight or flight." When these two areas are imbalanced, it causes many problems including poor sleep, anxiety, problems focusing and more. Adjustments are a natural way to restore the balance and improve these problems.

If you're curious about how we can specifically help your child, we love to answer questions and educate! Please feel free to call or set up a free consultation

A note from one of our practice members:

"Greyson's interaction with his classmates has improved significantly." - John S. 


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