Mood disorders such as anxiety and depression affect many people at all ages of life. It can affect all aspects of life including your physical, emotional, and social well-being. Treatments include cognitive behavioral therapy and drug therapy. The medication used for depression treatment comes with a warning on the side of the box for increased risk of suicide; therefore careful assessment, follow up and safety plan should be in place. The family should also be educated on warning signs. There are a lot of variables affecting ones mood, and if their body is in a state of chronic stress response it will be difficult for them to respond appropriately.


One thing we know from research is that the nervous system is the master controller in the body. It controls and coordinates all functions in the body from breathing, keeping your heart beating, healing a cut on your leg, digesting food, working your muscles, thinking, hearing, interpreting emotions and situations, self-control, and more. You live your life through your nervous system. Everything you see, think, or do is a result of that nervous system working correctly. If it is functioning poorly, your interpretation of life will be poor. As chiropractors, we are doctors of the nervous system and we seek to make it function at it fullest capacity by restoring the proper alignment to the spine and skull; the structures that house the central nervous system.






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